The Mare's Head, Mmes Voluptuous, Glazier, Lemon, Rattle, Bag and Babble – and many others. They came here almost every day. They were part of the furniture, just as much as the black hole    of the hearth with its artificial logs, or the weird fake armour that was all that remained of the First Republic decor.

A stroboscope and frozen vodka, around midnight you couldn't move, the place was small and packed to the rafters, you couldn't see through the thick palls of smoke. Towards morning the DJ would get fifty crowns for every extra song he could be persuaded to play. 

EVOKATIV by Libuše Jarcovjáková

The street, night, sex, work, alcohol, love, and depression. Libuše Jarcovjáková’s photos are captured with a self-destructive lack of restraint. She is unafraid of imperfection, she portrays the world around her, other people, and her feelings of apparent hopelessness with unwavering honesty. The book features photographs taken between 1970 and 1989 in Prague, in communist Czechoslovakia during a dark period of political oppression and lack of personal freedom. Libuše Jarcovjáková’s photographs, on the other hand, recount freedom, express fluidity and atmosphere, and bear an authentic and clear-eyed witness to the life of an artist. 

Untitled will publish a book by photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková called T-Club in the second half of this year.

The book will provide a unique insight into the underground life of the gay club T-Club during the totalitarianism of the 1980s Czechoslovakia. This will be the first comprehensive photographic publication mapping life in iconique LGBTQ club in socialist Prague.

The aim of the book T-Club is to present a famous set of photographs in a coherent manner. The book T-Club is an initiative and editorial work of curator, editor, publisher and founder of the Untitled platform Lucie Černá. The graphic design of the publication will be created by Ania Nałęcká-Milach.

Stay tuned!

 The book will be published thanks to support:

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